We, the Skawahlook First Nation, exist to provide social, cultural, and economic services as well as political leadership to band members residing in and outside our community.


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Who are we?

Culturally, the Skawahlook First Nation is part of the Sto:lo Nation, a tribal organization that encompasses 11 communities between Langley and Boston Bar. Formerly part of the "Tait" band, the Skawahlook First Nation was established on June 13th, 1879.

Skawahlook is made up of 60 members residing both in and outside the community, membership being determined by marriage and birthrights. Governance consists of one Chief and one councilor who are appointed using traditional methods.


Vision Statement

We, the Skawahlook First Nation strive to achieve a healthy, proud and prosperous community for future generations and for ourselves. We will achieve the goal of building a self-sufficient community with the energy of our Council, the guidance of our community members, and the support of external partner organizations.